Durrani & Associates Inc. is an economic consulting firm which specializes in providing litigation support in cases of personal injury and fatal accidents. We specialize in preparing individualized and customized economic loss reports for litigation purposes. Durrani & Associates Inc. is an exceptionally responsive boutique firm providing a cost effective alternative to larger consulting firms. When providing analysis of loss in litigation matters, we abide by the National Association of Forensic Economics' Statement of Ethical Principles.


The goal of Durrani & Associates Inc. is to meet the needs of clients, by providing expert economic consulting and analysis services at reasonable rates. We strive to create technically sound and credible reports and demonstrate professionalism in every aspect of our work, while providing the highest quality of service to our clients.

With our cutting-edge knowledge and broad expertise, Durrani & Associates Inc. is able to meet the many challenges and complexities that may arise in the course of litigation engagement. We are able to quickly respond as needed to changing needs and circumstances. We further distinguish ourselves by adhering to the highest ethical standards. We strive to extend professionalism in all services -- to lawyers, their clients, and the Court.


Economic losses may include estimates of past and future income loss for regular employment and selfemployment, present value of long-term disability benefits, and income replacement benefit calculations.

Other economic loss reports that we prepare include estimates based on analysis of past and future loss of financial support, estimated loss calculations based on interpretation of vocational rehabilitation reports, present value multipliers for income and care, rebuttal reports with respect to opposing expert opinions in connection with loss of income calculations, valuation of household services, and estimates in cases of a death of a child.

We are typically hired by lawyers who are representing the plaintiff or defendant following a motor vehicle accident or other accident.


We have testified in Ontario Superior Court on numerous occasions. Through these experiences we have learned how to ensure that our testimony is helpful to the court.

We have developed a methodology to assist the court in understanding issues pertaining to past and future income loss, future cost of care plans, present value of long-term disability benefits, and income replacement benefit calculations.


Durrani and Associates Inc. is a leader in economic loss analysis and quantitative research, delivering comprehensive and specialized solutions for clients involved in litigation. Durrani and Associates Inc. provides economic loss analyses based on generally accepted methodologies and factually appropriate economic data. We deliver our opinions in timely, clearly written, carefully prepared reports that stand up to the scrutiny of opposing experts and in cross-examination.

In addition to being skilled economic experts, we explain difficult economic concepts in simple, concise, ordinary English that is easily understood by juries and all relevant parties in the litigation process.

Our expert reports are available within your timeframes. We will work to meet your deadlines in an expedient and effective manner. When you feel the “time crunch”, we will pull in our resources to ensure our expertise is available when you need it most. We provide personalized service to all of our clients. When you are faced with court imposed deadlines or time constraints, we strive to move quickly to meet your needs.